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Irish, German, and Jewish, Computer Program Inventor

Hello, I am Daniel Mullarkey and I am the businessman, laborer, and hobbyist behind Technotalus LLC, an independent, freelance, for-profit, e-commerce business that aspires to be part of the Multi-Disciplinary Computer Specialist industry, and I created the websites of my own company, of my own self, and novelty websites as basic examples of what I can do with computers. I do Multi-Disciplinary Computer Specialist research and developments. My purpose in life is to apply human effort within the surrounding environment in order to achieve the best results. My philosophy on intelligence is about how much truth one can discover with the fewest facts and assumptions needed to do so, and in that sense, I am highly intelligent.

For exercise and recreation, I enjoy being outside, walking, bicycling, and martial arts. The five tenants of Tae Kwon Do are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-Control, and Indominable Spirit. I am a pre-Black Belt (4th GUP) at the J. Kim Institute of Tae Kwon Do. I have an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems from Camden County College, a B.S. in Technical Management from DeVry University, a Computer Programming certificate from The Cittone Institute, and a Computer and Network Support Technician certificate from Lincoln Technical Institute. As far as food and dining out goes, I enjoy Chinese food, pizza, fried chicken, buffalo wings, shrimp, and more. For leisure and as a hobbyist, I am an aficionado of various music, video, and video game based entertainment, as well as various computer and Internet activities. My career as a Multi-Disciplinary Computer Specialist also serves as a hobby for me.

Finally, I am a letter-reading savant, a mathematics savant, a logic savant, a high-tech computer savant, a reference-reading savant, and a martial arts self-defense savant. Being a letter-reading savant and a mathematics savant is an important part of what makes me a high-tech computer savant and a reference-reading savant. Also, I believe that if #OneSizeFitsAllLaws were to be established, it would unburden both the government and the people, and my own life is an example of the need for them. Finally, I also believe in #BoycottingBulliesAndMeanPeople until they reform themselves for themselves and for others around them.

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