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My background in terms of religions, cultures, and hobbies in chronological order:

  1. Irish-German heritage
  2. Partially initiated into LDS/Mormonism upon birth, gradually and permanently deconverted along with parents
  3. Video gaming and audio/video entertainment hobbyist
  4. Alternative/popular culture hobbyist
  5. Computer hobbyist
  6. Martial arts, currently with a Zen Buddhist flavor
  7. Trinitarian Pentecostalism, permanently deconverted
  8. Deism with a conservative flavor, permanently deconverted
  9. Goth hobbyist
  10. Humanism of the Atheistic and Freethought variety
  11. Unitarian-Universalism

Note: Pro-LGBT, but definitely heterosexual, and definitely egalitarian on marriage.

Hello, I am Daniel Mullarkey. My political platform is for the popular  acceptance of atheism and the economic acceptance of worker cooperatives a.k.a. communal corporations. I am the businessman, laborer, and hobbyist behind Technotalus LLC, a home-based business that conducts for-profit e-commerce activities as part of the Information Technology and Information Systems counterculture that believes in benevolent efficiency. I do Information Technology and Systems research and development and I create novelty websites and computer programs for web surfers and e-consumers. I am counted as a Minister of American Marriage Ministries, the First Church of Atheism, and the Universal Life Church. I am a science-minded Atheist and Freethinker. Atheism  and Freethought are, in essence, secular cultural groups that are akin to religion, but are not actually religious.

What I have to offer the average employer is self-motivated, logical, results-based, work habits. I have an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems from Camden County College, a B.S. in Technical Management from DeVry University, a Computer Programming certificate from The Cittone Institute, and a Computer and Network Support Technician certificate from Lincoln Technical Institute. I am a pre-Black Belt (4th GUP) at the J. Kim Institute of Tae Kwon Do. As far as friendship goes, trust and camaraderie are of the highest importance to me. For exercise and recreation, I enjoy being outside, walking, bicycling, and martial arts. As far as food and dining out goes, I enjoy Chinese food, pizza, fried chicken, buffalo wings, shrimp, and more. For leisure and as a hobbyist, I am an aficionado of various music, video, and video game based entertainment, as well as various computer and Internet activities. I am a partially gifted natural tinkerer with fast reflexes, quick thinking, and high-level reading ability who has a passion for computer work.

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